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Group 10 Engineering Ltd. provides sustainable asset integrity, reliability and risk management solutions to the energy and industrial sectors.

We believe that by encouraging collaboration and recognizing the strengths of our clients we can provide logical solutions to meet their needs. We also believe that by investing in our employees, maximizing their engagement and providing a healthy and rewarding work place, we can deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

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About Us  >  Our Vision

Our Vision

To be respected as an industry leader in the delivery of engineering services to the energy and petrochemical industry.

About Us  >  Our Mission

Our Mission

Group 10 Engineering will create and sustain company values, behaviors and leadership commitment to maximize employee engagement and deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

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As an employer, we will treat every employee with honesty and respect. We will mentor and provide guidance in order to support their professional development, deliver customer satisfaction and enable Group 10 Engineering to fulfill the company’s vision.

If you would like to become part of this team then please apply to

Engineering Services  >  Overview

Engineering Services

Group 10 Engineering has a comprehensive service offering in order to provide full engineering support every step of the way.

Services offered include:

Asset Integrity →
Risk Management →
Regulatory Compliance →
Quality Management →
Project Support →
Process Safety Management →
Life Cycle Management →

Group 10 Engineering 'Engineering Services' Brochure (PDF 500 KB) →

Engineering Services  >  Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity

Group 10 Engineering provides solutions that
ensure the safety and operability of your equipment. Understanding the processes, we are able to target your resources and better manage the risk of equipment failure.

With Group 10 Engineering, you will achieve optimised equipment performance and peace of mind.

Engineering Services  >  Risk Management

Risk Management

Group 10 Engineering utilizes recognized industry best practices such as RBI and other risk evaluation processes to methodically isolate risks and provide a sustainable plan to re-evaluate and mitigate risk in the future.

Our experience in identifying and prioritizing risks allows for greater focus of your company’s resources for effective and efficient risk management.

Engineering Services  >  Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Ever-changing, complicated regulations make it a daunting task to sort through and apply the proper requirements.

Group 10 Engineering will help you develop and support your regulatory management systems and ensure your compliance with the Provincial and Federal laws.

Engineering Services  >  Quality Management

Quality Management

We can develop your quality management systems for projects including design, procurement, and construction. This can include vendor audits and fabrication quality control.

Engineering Services  >  Project Support

Project Support

Group 10 Engineering provides flexible levels of support for your project management process. Support can either be comprehensive, beginning at the FEED stage or focused on specific elements of the process. As experienced owner operators we will ensure that the tools required to manage your assets are available prior to commissioning your equipment including:

  • Identifying degradation mechanisms
  • Material Selection
  • Risk ranking and equipment criticality
  • Corrosion and process circuit identification
  • Integrity Operating Windows
  • Chemical feed system design
  • Equipment classification and setup in your systems

Engineering Services  >  Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management consolidates elements of risk management into a comprehensive program that will ensure your facilities are designed, operated and maintained in a safe and sustainable manner.

Group 10 Engineering offers Process Safety Management services that include gap analysis, implementation and ongoing operations support.

Engineering Services  >  Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management enables you to maximize the operating efficiency of your equipment. Best applied at the FEED stage, Life Cycle Management provides support throughout the remaining stages of your project including Construction, Operation, and Abandonment.

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